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Beni ouarain rug 002

Beni ouarain rug 002

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Beni Ouarain Prestige: Unveiling the Artistry of Luxury

Embark on a journey of opulence with our Beni Ouarain rug, celebrated by global interior designers for its unrivaled prestige and timeless allure. Named after the Berber tribe, architects of this textile masterpiece, its origins trace back to the snowy embrace of the Middle Atlas Mountains.

🌬️ Woven Warmth: Born to brave the chill, the Beni Ouarain rug was born in the hushed winters, where it became more than a rug – it was a sanctuary of warmth, a canvas of symbols portraying the tales of birth, marriage, and family, often exchanged as cherished gifts.

🌟 Design Evolution: Today, this rug gracefully transcends time, fusing ancestral symbolism with contemporary design. Each thread whispers tales of tradition, now adapted to harmonize with modern aesthetics.

👐 Masters at Work: Crafted entirely by hand, the Berber women orchestrate an intricate ballet – spinning yarn, setting looms, weaving knots, and finally, allowing each piece to bask in the sun's embrace. A labor of devotion and patience, each rug is a testament to artisanal mastery.

Indulge in Uniqueness:

  • Authentic Allure: Witness centuries-old craftsmanship woven into every inch.
  • Luxurious Wool: Immerse your space in the natural luxury of 100% pure wool.
  • Handcrafted Elegance: Every knot, a testament to dedication and precision.
  • Statement Size: 186cmx294cm: A bold centerpiece ready to transform your space.


Bespoke Beauty: Craving a custom size? We invite you to delve into the realm of possibilities. Email us at, and let's craft the rug of your dreams.

Elevate your space with the unmatched warmth, tradition, and allure of the Beni Ouarain rug – a symphony of craftsmanship that resonates with the soul and speaks volumes about your refined taste.


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